About Us

We are a small pre-school based upstairs in the Methodist Church building on Main St, Burley in Wharfedale. Within this incredible space we have three classrooms, a wet room and a hall space for large scale free play. We have access to a secure outdoor playground as well as a wooded nature area and the church gardens.

Ruth and Adèlie’s Educational Ethos

Each child receives the ideal learning experience for them as an individual because of our unique ethos and approach to pre-school education.
We have both studied early years education to postgraduate level and have over 35 years of teaching experience between us.

Our ethos is drawn from research and the work of educationalists, but we don’t follow one school of thought alone, rather we have built our own unique approach by taking the best from all of these.


Little School Burley exterior

Research has shown that children learn best when their environments are calm and beautiful rather than being overloaded with bright colours and displays. Our setting provides this through a predominantly neutral colour pallet alongside inspirational views of stained glass windows. Our amazing space within Burley Methodist Church encompasses viewing points across beautiful architecture which helps our children to develop an understanding of perspective and thoughtful reflection.

Outside, the church grounds can be appreciated for their own sake and provide creative stimulus for learning through the range of opportunities on offer.We are lucky to have our own little woodland area - play within nature is so important for children’s learning and development. The children benefit from our unhurried approach to their exploration. They are given time to reflect upon the beauty of their surroundings and engage deeply with their own thoughts and fascinations.

The layout of resources and tools in our pre-school allows for ease of access which facilitates independence and self motivated learning, which is a crucial part of our ethos. Children's learning is fostered by highly trained adults who build relationships and come alongside the children to support their development whilst respecting their individuality, needs and interests.

Our strong commitment to staff training ensures that the adults who work within our pre-school are well equipped to extend children’s thinking and provide appropriate challenges as soon as opportunities arise. With this highly sensitive approach children learn to their full potential in a way that is intrinsically motivated and so has deep and lasting effects.

We are always interested in hearing your thoughts about your child’s learning and run regular parents events to help extend development at home.

We look forward working with you

Ruth Johnson and Adèlie Westhead