At The Little Green Frog Nurseries we view children as competent, active, enquiring thinkers who are powerful learners and who instinctively engage with people, objects and events to make sense of the world around them. Children are supported to learn in a very natural way and every day is unique.

Children come into Little School at the start of the day and there is a quick get together in their “class groups” then everyone gets into action!

The play areas are arranged so that children can choose what they want to do and plan their own learning. The hall space and rooms are arranged with a variety of resources – art materials, construction and small world, sensory play, stories and music, open-ended imaginative play, and a physical area. These resources stay broadly in the same place and are changed quite gradually so that children know where things are and can get what they want for their play and learning.

Outdoors the children have access to have resources that cover the same areas as inside but with the addition of our beautiful woodland area. Here children enjoy exploring the natural world and can take exciting (but safe) risks

The highly trained and skilled team of adults work sensitively with children. Play is observed carefully, and adults intervene to challenge and guide their thinking. Adults also model skills and processes to give specific teaching when it is needed.

learning through play