Your children will grow up into a world that no-one has yet imagined. The Little Green Frog at Little School Pre-School prepares children for life not just for school!

Much of children’s play is exploration and experimentation and it is through this exploration of the world that children learn. With loving support your child will be guided to develop the skills that they need to be successful in life: high self-esteem, creative thinking, problem solving, resilience, communication and social skills.

In all areas of our pre-school we offer opportunities – materials, environment, good examples and encouragement – for happy and productive play with supportive and highly trained adults that foster the children’s individuality.

Throughout the day your child has the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities, indoors and outdoors including:

  • Self service meals and snacks
  • Imaginative play
  • Creative processes: painting, building, drama and music
  • Stories and singing
  • Physical play, including climbing and risk taking
  • Engaging with the natural world
  • Seasonal activities: snow and ice, religious festivals and gardening

Through these open-ended experiences the possibilities for learning are endless!